Soil and Groundwater Treatment

Our flagship technology is Dynamic Biopiling, a patented ex-situ bioremediation technique that can treat soil grossly impacted with coal tar, heavy fuels or pesticides. This standout solution is part of a range of proven soil treatment technologies, that include geo-chemical immobilisation, stabilisation, abiotic destruction and soil washing.

For the treatment of groundwater contamination we also offer a range of innovative and cost-effective biotic and abiotic passive solutions alongside aggressive, source targeting, treatment options such as thermal enhanced recovery and in-situ chemical oxidation/reduction injection.

Finding the best technology led Solutions…

  • We offer unbiased expert advice on a wide range of different soil and groundwater technologies
  • We have decades of experience using technologies for contaminated soil and groundwater treatment
  • We provide unrivalled expertise using innovative ex-situ bioremediation techniques for the cost-effective treatment of high level and recalcitrant compounds, including coal tar, heavy fuels, and pesticides

Technology matters…

Building on-site treatment technology into a remediation strategy will more often than not provide an outcome that is more cost effective, much more sustainable and often less disruptive to the wider community.

With our roots in treatment technology, research and innovation we are confident that we will find the best technologies to deliver these outcomes. If you are interested in exploring applicable treatment options please get in touch.

Supporting you throughout the project lifecycle

Visit our Project Roadmap page to discover the detail in the remediation process.