Project Roadmap

A roadmap to successful project closure

From early planning advice, through to project delivery and closure, our client focussed services ensure we build value from the ground up.

Planning and Preliminary Assessment

Early Contractor Involvement

Our experience shows that the right advice early in a project’s lifecycle can have the most influence in achieving a successful outcome. We can offer that advice through early-stage strategic reviews, budgetary cost assessments and GAP analysis

Outline Remediation Strategy

Whether your needs are conceptual model-led design, robust procedures or both, we can produce outline remediation strategies that are pragmatic, deliverable and offer a clear route to project completion.

Detailed Remediation Strategy

We view detailed remediation strategies as closing the loop between site characterisation, precursor design work and the objectives agreed with project stakeholders and regulators. We see this as a process that must be challenged so that the finalised scope of works offers best value to clients while delivering defensible, yet achievable, end goals.

Pre-Commencement & Detailed Design

Remediation Method Statement

EESI Remediation provide high quality and detailed remediation method statements (RMS) to support project delivery. We produce and incorporate additional control documents into the RMS if required, from Earthwork Strategy Design to Construction Environmental Management Plans, Detailed Sustainability Management Trackers and Verification Monitoring Plans.

Environmental Permitting

EESI Remediation holds an Environmental Permit for Land and Groundwater Remediation, managed by our WAMITAB competent staff. Our permit covers a wide range of techniques and technologies and is typically deployed alongside other permits and consents, including DoWCoP compliant Material Management Plans (MMP).

Project delivery

HSE Management

It is our number one priority to make sure everybody who works alongside us can go home safe and well at the end of the day. Nothing is more important to us, and we continue to make our Health and Safety systems, procedures and culture the very best they can be.

Contracting Services

EESI Remediation provide cost competitive, high quality contracting services to our clients as specialist Sub- Contractor or Principal Contractor. Whether we are delivering a simple earthworks solution or complex treatment scheme, we always aim to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Soil And Groundwater Treatment

EESI Remediation offer a wide range of soil and groundwater treatment options including: patented bioremediation treatment for high concentration, recalcitrant contaminants and enhanced stabilisation; which incorporates geo-chemical fixation and innovative chemical oxidation/reduction methods.

Waste Management

EESI Remediation will provide expert support managing activities in compliance with UK laws, waste regulations and best practice. We add value through delivering solutions based on sustainable strategy design; maximising waste reduction, re-use and recycling.

Project closure

Verification And Validation Monitoring

EESI Remediation understand the importance of transparent and robust project data. From established monitoring procedures, data management and evaluation through to advanced forensic analysis, we will make sure the necessary lines of evidence to support project closure have been determined.  

Regulatory And Stakeholder Support

EESI Remediation understand that keeping regulators and key stakeholders engaged and updated on project progress is important. We are always happy to work with our clients and their representatives, to prepare or support their community engagement action plans.

Closure Reporting

In remediation ‘you begin with a muddy field and you end with a muddy field’ –
This is why we provide comprehensive performance and validation reporting that supports and satisfies project completion conditions, whether permit surrender, discharge of planning conditions or other transactional end goals.